▪ Spirituality

      ▪ Substance Abuse

     ▪ Post-Treatment Recovery 

    ▪ Intervention Specialist

    ▪ Life Transitions

    ▪ Authentic Living

    ▪ Member American Counseling Association


educator, speaker, activist

   ▪ Spirituality and Religion

   ▪ Interfaith Dialogue

   ▪ LGBTQ  

   ▪ Aging and Housing



celebrations and creative events

   ▪ Weddings

   ▪ Spiritual Worship Services

   ▪ Memorials & Funerals

   ▪ Baby Blessings

   ▪ Congregational & Organizational Events

   ▪ Community Leadership & Collaboration




Michael's background is a blending of rich life experiences with in-depth professional and educational training.  From this foundation he serves diverse communities, youth, adults, families and groups.

"For as long as I can remember I know that I have been propelled along by both my desire to serve and my creativity. These have shown up in careers in theater, communications and marketing, entrepreneurship, and the inescapable recognition of my dedication to ministry.  Along the way I have stepped into writing, broadcast and television, non-profit work, the flying trapeze, recovery and spiritual counseling, political activism, healthcare, community building, small to large event production, small to large church leadership, 
​bi-coastal living, and working with intergenerational programs and projects. I have shown up the best I can with authenticity, skill, humor and a deep appreciation for our humanity moving along its spiritual path.
​In it all, the rewards come from the people I’ve known, touched and been touched by.  They have been the conduits for my greatest learning, passion, and transformation.  My desire to serve and create continues to help me make a difference where and when I can.
​I am grateful for the entire journey, every
​speck of it."