What others say about Michael 

"Reverend Michael Ingersoll is at the top of my list of people who walk their talk and teachings. Having known him for years and observed his work, I whole heartedly endorse his spiritual counseling skills as well as his kindness, compassion, and brilliance as a teacher, dynamic speaker and all around real human being."
Rev. Terry Cole-Whittaker D.D.- Internationally renowned minister, teacher and author of best sellers - What You Think of Me is None of My Business, Dare to be Great and Live Your Bliss.

"Reverend Michael is one of those rare individuals whose love and wisdom lifts all those around him. His therapeutic skills flow from his deep spiritual awareness, enabling him to support the very highest in each individual he meets. Michael naturally invites the profound heart-opening that allows us to embrace the truth of our being."
Rabbi Ted Falcon, PhD
- Spiritual guide, teacher, therapist and author of - Religion Gone Astray, Getting to the Heart of Interfaith, A Journey of Awakening, and Judaism for Dummies

"Rev. Michael has the ability to bring the Sacred into the common place. Being with him is like being with an old friend, even if                 you just met."

Rev. Kathianne Lewis, D.D.Spiritual Leader, Master Teacher, Luminary and Senior Minister at the Center for Spiritual Living.  Author of the "40 Days"             book series.

"Michael Ingersoll has a spirit of gold. He is an adventurous, loving, passionate teacher and a prince of a human being."
​Tama Kieves, USA-Today - featured visionary career catalyst and best-selling author of - Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life's Work!

Faith, Community, Service

For over thirty years Reverend Michael Ingersoll has served and ministered to thousands of people in communities of faith, health, diversity, and spiritual education. A spiritual leader, counselor and celebrant, Michael brings into harmony the teachings of ancient and contemporary spiritual traditions, applying them as tools for growth and transformation for those seeking a better life.  As a producer and activist his creative touch has been seen in scores of events, productions, and community projects throughout the region. 
A popular celebrant, Michael has been officiating weddings for over a decade and in 2012 created the
Big Gay Wedding in Seattle, marrying 30 couples in one ceremony. 

​Michael has served in leadership roles on both the West and East coasts at Seattle’s Center for Spiritual Living, New York’s Sacred Center, One Spirit Learning Alliance and Breathe Life Healing Center where he has partnered with some of America’s most recognized spiritual leaders, authors, experts and teachers. Participating on many non-profit boards and volunteering his time and skills, Michael has been honored by local and national organizations including receiving Lifetime Television’s National Community in Service Award.