Spiritual Insight

Awaken to a resonant, mindful knowing that there is an eternal design for your good, growth and contribution to life. Our spiritual mind leads us to reservoirs of wisdom, genius and personal expression that we have only just begun to tap.  

"If I change my mind and beliefs, then my world

changes in response. The nature of my thoughts

determines the quality of my life. The nature of my heart determines the depth of my service to the world."


                             PASTORAL CARE ▪ educator ▪ celebrant 

Life Quality

Move beyond addictions, harmful behaviors, and limited ways of thinking to more clearly be your full, vital Self, ready to contribute to the world. 

LIfe's beginnings, middles and endings provide us limitless opportunities for celebration and commemoration. There are unlimited ways to create unique moments that will be remembered and cherished. 

Awaken ▪ Mend ▪ Thrive